Today, my new book has been released. Thank you for everyone who supported me on this journey.
— Diane McIntosh - Thursday october 10, 2019


One of the most common questions I hear, after meeting a patient for the first time, is, “Will I get better?”
My answer is always the same, and I say it confidently because I know it is true: “If we work as a team, yes.
— Diane McIntosh


“Dr. Diane McIntosh has achieved the impossible with this book: she enables everybody to understand depression in a highly readable way. As someone who has suffered from depression, I empathize deeply with Dr. McIntosh’s narrative. She combines real-life stories with academic rigor to bring clarity and insight to this debilitating disease. Whether you’re a sufferer or a caregiver, This Is Depression will be an indispensable guide to understanding and ultimate healing.”
Mike Lipkin, motivator and coach

“This Is Depression is unique in that although it’s intended for people with depression (or their loved ones), it is comprehensive and head and shoulders above the rest of those slim volumes that don’t delve into the details. If anyone wants to become an expert on their own illness, this is the book. Readers will be better informed than most clinicians!”
Leslie L. Citrome, clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences, New York Medical College

“Dr. Diane McIntosh is an outstanding communicator. This Is Depression translates the way clinicians and researchers think about many aspects of the most disabling disorder in today’s society. Her discussion of the genetic and brain disruptions in people with ‘major depression’ conveys complex science in plain language and provides the rationale for subsequent discussions of cognitive and other ‘talk’ therapies as well as the different families of medications and ‘device’ therapies. I recommend This Is Depression to anyone who needs to know more about the current understanding and treatments for depression, particularly persons with lived experience and their families. Anyone reading This Is Depression before going to see a mental health specialist will be an informed consumer.”
Sidney H. Kennedy, professor of psychiatry, University of Toronto

“Thoroughly up to date, this book is comprehensive yet engaging and easy to read. It describes the illness from both personal and clinical perspectives and successfully weaves case vignettes and valuable summaries of complex research literatures. Although there are many books on depression, this unique volume fills a void and I recommend it to depressed people and their loved ones, those who work with or employ depressed people, and mental health professionals looking to sharpen their psychoeducational skills.”
Michael Thase, professor of psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

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Depression affects everyone

Mental illnesses suck. They are serious, sometimes deadly, isolating, frightening medical disorders that affect the brain and the body.

Every person, at some time in their life, will have a mental illness or love someone who has a mental illness.

Mental illnesses impact our ability to learn and work and play and love. They also cause and worsen physical illnesses, like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Stigma regarding mental illness is still a powerful force, provoking shame, promoting isolation, and causing many to avoid seeking help.

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Ignorance drives stigma.
By reading this book, you are challenging that stigma head on.